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  • 達州市巴山大劇院廣場 | 整體照明規劃


    地點 LOCATION  /  達州 DAZHOU

    年份 YEAR  /  2021

    高度 HEIGHT / 23.9M


    Bashan Grand Theater is located in Tongchuan District, Dazhou City, with well-developed transportation. Lianhua Lake Park, with beautiful ecological environment in the north and prosperous urban area in Tongchuan District in the south, is a multi-functional cultural landmark building integrating artistic performance, art training, cultural exchange, tourism, mass fitness, leisure and entertainment. The lighting planning and design of this case takes "dancing Bashan, ancient and modern shadow" as the theme, through the light and shadow art as the expression technique, to show Dazhou's brilliant Baqu culture, and inject the cultural spirit of the new era, form a unique city symbol, increase the city's popularity and attraction, boost Dazhou's cultural and economic development, and create a brilliant tomorrow.





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