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  • 深圳大運中心丨泛光照明工程

     地點 LOCATION  /  深圳 SHENZHEN

    年份 YEAR  /  2010

    占地面積 AREA COVERED  / 87.4m2



    Shenzhen Universiade Center is located in the northeast of Shenzhen City and the west of Longgang Central City. It is the main stadium area for Shenzhen to host the 26th Summer Universiade in 2011. It is also the future central area for Shenzhen to implement the strategy of establishing a cultural city, develop the sports industry and promote nationwide fitness. The lighting design of this case mainly focuses on the changes of light and shade of each group of buildings and the embellishment of central venues and green lighting to highlight the grand momentum of the stadiums and gymnasiums, and integrates the design concept of "green, scientific and technological, humanistic" into the design.







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