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  • 深圳坪山體育館丨泛光照明工程



    年份 YEAR  /  2010

    建筑面積 FLOORAGE  / 1.57萬m2



    To the south of Pingshan Stadium are Maluan Mountain and Dashanbei Reservoir, with a large area of natural mountains and water bodies. Through the most direct design methods to create the beautiful artistic conception of "clear water and morning dew", implying that sports make people healthy and beautiful and bring people a relaxed and soothing mood. This case proposes to take the rhythm of water as the theme of this lighting design. The lighting is used to show the basic form of water-water droplets, and to show the most basic feature of life-movement. Through the deduction of this basic element, a lighting night environment with the rhythm of the moving body is displayed!








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