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  • 桂林高新萬達丨整體照明規劃


    地點 LOCATION  /  桂林 GUILIN

    年份 YEAR  /  2017

    建筑面積 FLOORAGE  / 33萬m2


    桂林高新萬達廣場,建筑設計時尚、科幻、圓潤、曲美,給人感覺耳目一新。其設計應用了諸如曲線、球面、凹凸、分割等一系列手法,創造出極具視覺沖擊力,充滿 復雜性、融和性的建筑形象。夜景照明設計,結合建筑自身的結構和形式特征,表現出曲美、球面、凹凸的視覺效果;在營造商業氛圍的基礎上,呈現出燈光的曲線 美、律動美、點綴美、融和美,以此全面提升建筑的夜間形象和品質。

    The Night Lighting Design of Guilin High-tech Wanda Plaza focuses on showing the curved beauty, rhythm beauty, embellishment beauty and harmony beauty of lighting. It combines with buildings to form a moving picture of Xinghe River circulation. Large areas of curved surfaces are outlined and divided into multiple three-dimensional spherical surfaces with warm tone and large radian curved light. Irregular local areas are embellished and paved with cold-tone cross star lights to make them change in space, thus comprehensively improving the night image and quality of the building.



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