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  • 成都寬窄巷子(EPC)設計施工一體化


    地點 LOCATION  /  成都 CHENGDU

    年份 YEAR  /  2013

    占地面積 AREA COVERED  /  479畝

    建造年 YEAR  /  公元1718年(康熙五十七年)

    榮譽 AWARDS  /  中照照明工程設計獎二等獎丨2014



    Kuanxiangzi Ancient Street City is located at the western end of Shudu Avenue in Chengdu, with a total length of about 500 meters. It is a relatively large-scale ancient street of Qing Dynasty left over from Chengdu. It is a compound cultural commercial street with distinctive regional characteristics and rich Bashu cultural atmosphere. Under the guidance of the atmosphere of the major theme of lighting design, "Quiet, Slow and Leisure", light design is used to define the characteristics of no space. Special emphasis on the special quality of environmental space not only makes the whole space full of flow and life, but also interprets the ancient literati's understanding of Confucianism and Zen culture with the artistic expression of retro design, so that the ideological core of "quietness", "emptiness", "benevolence" and "propriety" can continue in the concept of lighting, which is similar to the theme of "relief and narrow desire".









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