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  • 成都熊貓基地觀光瞭望塔 | 泛光照明工程


    地點 LOCATION  /  成都 CHENGDU

    年份 YEAR  /  2021

    高度 HEIGHT / 69.5M

    項目位于大熊貓繁育研究基地核心區域,是北湖片區的制高點、地標和視覺中心。塔身形狀酷似熊貓最愛吃的 “筍”,塔身通體鋼構配以玻璃幕墻,塔形如雨后春筍,樓層空間采用芙蓉花為指引,外緣弧形層層重疊,如芙蓉花開?!霸绞强此谱匀坏脑O計,對科技的要求也越高”,熊貓塔照明設計全程建立在參數化平臺,通過對建筑外立面及幕墻結構細節分析,建立合理化的燈光布局,不僅能更好的展現建筑的輪廓美感,也能更加節能環保。

    The project is located in the core area of giant panda breeding research base, and is the commanding height, landmark and visual center of Beihu area. The shape of the tower is similar to panda's favorite "bamboo shoot". The steel structure of the whole tower is equipped with glass curtain wall. The tower is springing up. The floor space is guided by hibiscus flowers, and the outer arc overlaps layer by layer, such as hibiscus flowers“ The more natural the design is, the higher the requirement of science and technology is. "The whole lighting design of panda tower is based on parametric platform. Through the analysis of the structural details of the building facade and curtain wall, the reasonable lighting layout is established, which can not only better show the beauty of the building outline, but also more energy saving and environmental protection.





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